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MLP: Two-Face Part 1 - Ch. 1
Rainbow Dash fully expected to see Fluttershy up and about by the time she came over to her cottage. The Ponyville animal caretaker was the guest of honor at the schoolhouse for a field trip. Nopony wanted to start it without her.
What Rainbow didn’t anticipate, however, was that only the upper half of the door—attached to its lower counterpart with a few locks—being opened at a pretty slow, snail-like pace. It gave out an eerie creak. She had more than enough time to move out of the way to avoid having her head whacked by the door.
She tried hard not to exhale impatiently. She knew that Fluttershy was usually nervous, but during her campaign for a new animal shelter in Ponyville? No way. She had put herself on the line for months on behalf of so many critters in need of a safe haven, run by ponies with the same gentle and caring demeanor that she had. After all, she couldn’t do all the work by her
:icondarthwill3:DarthWill3 40 110
I'll never fly :iconeglantineray:EglantineRay 65 5
MLP: Two Face Part 1 - Prologue
The area was dark, covered in silver mist. Shades of gray mingled with the black atmosphere. The ground was hard. It felt like marble. Not a single tree, blade of grass, flower, or any type of greenery could be seen. Neither were there any houses, town signs, even corners of something to lean or lay back on. This was not something found in the average map. It seemed endless like a desert… or a void.
As for the sky—if there was a sky in this place—it was hard to tell whether it was day or night; the same dilemma could be said on which way was north or south, east or west. No sun, no moon, no stars, no streetlight, no lantern, no fireflies, no house light shone to show whatever direction anypony was taking.
But all of this mattered little in comparison to the horror chasing Fluttershy.
The pale gold Pegasus with the long, light pink mane and tail, moderately cyan eyes, and cutie mark of three butterflies – bodies in the same color as the eyes, and wi
:icondarthwill3:DarthWill3 32 114
My Little Puggy prologue
One day, at Fluttershy's house, Rainbow Dash had just stopped by to pick up her tortoise, Tank.
"Thanks for fixing up Tank for me, Fluttershy," said Rainbow, giving her tortoise a high hoof. "I wish I knew how you'd cure sore throats for animals."
Fluttershy smiled. "Oh, it's not so hard," she replied, softly. "I just read the instructions given by my copy of the 1,000 Ways to Cure Your Pet manual."
Rainbow raised an eyebrow. "You read the manual?" she asked.
"Everypony reads the manual," chimed Fluttershy. "Anyway, you're so lucky to have a pet like Tank."
Rainbow and Tank acknowledged each other with grins of satisfaction. Where would she be without him? After all, he helped remove that boulder from her wing at Ghastly Gorge with his head, which was remarkable for a little guy like him. And on their first day of Pony Pet Play Date, too.
"Of course," continued Fluttershy, "I still think this sweet wittle putty tat has your name written all over him." And she carri
:icondarthwill3:DarthWill3 32 71
Castle Mane-ia: Original Script :iconruhje:Ruhje 2,056 340 Dreams :iconart-paper:Art-Paper 902 107 Harvest :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 802 26 Remove Cannibals :iconbrisineo:Brisineo 223 80 I'm sorry... :iconcandy-muffin:Candy-Muffin 47 8 Littlepip Trippin' Wallpaper :iconmindlessrowley:mindlessrowley 35 2 Littlepip being sad about the whole f*ing world :icontvio:Tvio 70 2 Lil'pip :icontvio:Tvio 128 10 Lil pip :iconthe-dark-tc:The-Dark-Tc 85 12 Book Signing :iconchakat-goldfur:chakat-goldfur 116 2 White Flare :iconflare1337:Flare1337 2 1



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